2018 Recipients

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Gold Star Mothers

June Augusta, Sgt. Eric James Hernandez, Army

Julie Bessa, Staff Sgt. Jeremy Bessa, Army

Joyce Boatman, GYSGT Darrell Wayne Boatman, Marines

Tammy Eakes, Sgt. Lance Oliver Eakes, Army National Guard

Paula Garcia, LCP Shawn Stephen Knisley, Marines

Linda Gregory, SFC Bradley Scott Bohle, Army

Carolyn Haines, PFC Trevor B. Adkins, Army

Christina Kazakavage, TSgt. Adam K. Ginett, Airforce

Sue Kolean, Christopher Harris, Army

Maria Myers, Capt. Donald Jerry Lee, Army

Alison Shilling, Spc. Bradley Nolan Shilling, Army

Lorie Southerland, Spc. Michael Joel Rodriquez, Army

Jennifer Tripp, PV2 Michael W. Murdock, Army


Killed in Action

Joyce Blackmon, Spouse

Donald Ray Arnold, Marines, 1969

Ronnie Borton, Spouse

SFC Jan Borton, Army, 1977

Barbara Boyd,Spouse

SFC David Stewart Boyd, Army, 1966

Betty Briggs, Spouse

SPC Larry Ishmuel Briggs, Army, 1968

Ann Childress, Spouse

CSM Wilbur Childress, Army, 1972

Mae Foy, Spouse

SFC Eugene Franklin, Army, 1968

Gertrude Jacks, Sibling

Frank Bellamy

Brittany Harris, Spouse

Christopher Harris, Army, 2017

Betty Humphreys, Spouse

CW2 Benjamin Humphreys, Army, 1961

Whitney Hunter, Spouse

Sgt. Jonathon Michael Hunter, Army, 2017

Minnie Keys, Spouse

SGT 1ST Class William Robert Keyes, Army, 1981

Lucille Lopez, Spouse

SFC Manuel Lopez, Army, 1968

Andrea Richards, Sibling

William Andrew Buck, Jr., Marines, 1969

Jesse Torres, Brother

SSG Gilbert Garcia Torres, Army, 1969

Prisoners of War | Missing In Action

Glenda Anspach, Spouse

Master Sergeant Robert Allen Anspach, Army, Vietnam, MIA since 1967

Nena Mims, Spouse

John Mims, Army, WWII, POW – Passed away on US soil in 2016

Purple Heart Recipients Not Present

Carolyn Culbreth, Daughter, Virgil Bryant, Army Special Forces

Andrea Richards, Daughter, William Andrew Buck, Sr., Army

Sarah Butler, Spouse, Walter Butler, Army, 1965

Leroy Crowder, Jr., Army, 1968

William Crowder, Army, 1964

Linda McHale, Daughter, PFC James Kennedy, 1945

Purple Heart Recipients

Dr. Jack Dauner, Army; Air Force, World War II

Frank K Byrne, Navy, Air Force, Army Special Forces, Korea; Vietnam

Maxwell Robinson, Army, Korea; Vietnam

Raymond Schrump, Army, Korea and Vietnam

Jacob Roth, Jr., Army, Korea

Benoit Trudeau, Army, Korea

SFC Jack Arnold, Army Special Force, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan

Ret. CSM Willie Cain, Army, Vietnam, Gulf War

M SGT James Arnold, Jr., Army, Vietnam

George Aux, Army, Vietnam

James Barnes, Marines, Vietnam

David Bates, Army, Vietnam

Kirk Blackmon, Army, Vietnam

George Boyer, Marines; Army, Vietnam

James Brown, Army, Vietnam

Robert Brown, Army, Vietnam

William Burns, Marines, Vietnam

James Carrington, Army, Vietnam

Eugene Carter, Army, Vietnam

Rev. SGT. William Caulder, Jr., Army, Vietnam

John Cavener, Army, Vietnam

Michael Clemmons, Army, Vietnam

Delano Cummings, Marines, Vietnam

CWO-2 Michael Davis, Army, Vietnam

Osvaldo DeAndrade, Marines, Vietnam

Johnnie Deans, Jr., Army, Vietnam

CSM George John Demetri Sr, Army, Vietnam

Gilbert Dickson, Army, Vietnam

Thomas Dosier, Army, Vietnam

William Ebersbach, Marines, Vietnam

Lynwood Fleming, Army       , Vietnam

Grady Freeman, Marines, Vietnam

Cpt. Robert Green, Army, Vietnam

Gordon Harrington, Army, Vietnam

Tex Howard, Army, Vietnam

Harold Hunt, Army, Vietnam

Thomas Johnson, Army, Vietnam

Comar Johnson, Army, Vietnam

Sherman Johnson, Army, Vietnam

Willard Johnson, Army, Vietnam

Jack Kelley, Army, Vietnam

William Latham, Army, Vietnam

Lenny Lazzara, Marines, Vietnam

Rudy Locklear, Army, Vietnam

Ralph Loff, Army, Vietnam

Bernandino Mangiboyat, Army, Vietnam

Mervin McComas, Army, Vietnam

Wesley Mckelvey, Army, Vietnam

Edward Mercer, Army, Vietnam

Ronnie Meredith, Army, Vietnam

Charles Miller, Army, Vietnam

CSM (R) William Moore, Army, Vietnam

Daniel Mueller, Army, Vietnam

John Mumaw, Army, Vietnam

Sidney Neely, Army, Vietnam

Leon Offer, Jr., Army, Vietnam

Monty Oxendine, Marines, Vietnam

Barry Pearce, Air Force, Vietnam

Robert Peele, Army, Vietnam

James Pender, Army, Vietnam

Coy Pierce, Army, Vietnam

Howard Rogers, Army, Vietnam

Emmett Salas, Marines, Vietnam

Lewis H Scoggins, Jr., Army, Vietnam

Alfred Smith, Army, Vietnam

David Smith, Army, Vietnam

William Swift, Army, Vietnam

Donald            Talbot, Army, Vietnam

Squire Thomas, Jr., Army, Vietnam

John Thompkins, Army, Vietnam

Jesse Torres, Marines, Vietnam

Thomas Washington, Army, Vietnam

Jorge Weninger, Army, Vietnam

Ronald White, Army, Vietnam

Bruce Whitney, Army, Vietnam

Hugh Gene Williams, Army, Vietnam

Louie Wombaugh, Army, Vietnam

Raymond Yamrus, Army, Vietnam

Joe Young, Army, Vietnam

Scott Fazzina, Army, Operation Just Cause, Panama

Richard Lorenz, Navy; Army, Gulf War

Brandon Butler, Army, Global War on Terror

Trey Corrales, Army, Global War on Terror

James Daigle, Army, Global War on Terror

Bryan Quigley, Army, Global War on Terror

Benjamin Schaus, Army Global, War on Terror

William Byloff, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom; Operation Iraqi Freedom

Joel Damin, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Miguel Filpo, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom

SFC Charlie Tyler, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Yusef Young, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Thomas Smith, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Anthony Armijo, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Donald Bleyl, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Christopher Davis, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Patrick Gaumond, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Eddie Grinie, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Kevin Key, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Richard Kurr, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

CW3 Jason Myers, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Nikolas Ramirez, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Nathan Rehl, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

William Royal, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Daniel Toth, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom

Terry Duke, Army, Afghanistan

Chaplain Major Lawrence Malcolm, Army, Afghanistan

Eddie Abbey, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Luis Davila, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Brian Floyd, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Keith Howard, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Patrick King, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Robert Kolberg, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Jennifer Melvin, Army National Guard, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Terry Newkirk, Jr, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Xuandat Ninh, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Carlos Ortiz, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Derrick Pinckney, Army, Iraq

Matthew Weise, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Global War on Terror

Joseph Roberts, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Rhett Starnes, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Timothy Gardner, Army, Operation Freedom’s Sentinel

Jesse Todd, Army

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